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Services Provided By Newfarm Removals

Office Removals

Whether you have an office move of 5 staff or 500, wherever you are in the Brisbane, Newfarm Removals can move your office securely and professionally. While the move could be a hassle and an ultimately stressful experience, Newfarm Removalist’s removal experts will organise your move efficiently, so that you can carry on with your job untroubled.

Newfarm Removalists Flexible Office Removals

Office moves come in all shapes and sizes. Schedules, budgets and other challenges differ dramatically from one move to the next. With over 36 years experience, Newfarm Removalists has the local expertise and resources to match the profile of your office move.

Planning Your Office Relocation

To plan the move in accordance with the client's needs, Newfarm Removalist arranges a meeting to discuss and map out the exact details of your office move. This allows us to understand fully what you want us to do, and to apply the necessary resources and equipment. We can also assign a Move Manager to take care of your office move. Although a Move Manager is not always necessary, we would certainly suggest it with a larger scale office move.

Site Visits

Is there easy access to the building? Are we complying with all Health & Safety Regulations? These are important questions to ask before planning an office removal. A site visit is thus integral to organising your move. After visiting the site, we will have a unique understanding of the potential challenges and obstacles and your specific needs and concerns and if you book a site visit, we can plan your office removal based on first hand knowledge of the site.

If you are planning to move your office and need a removal service that can tailor-make a move based on the profile of your business, do not hesitate to contact Newfarm Removalist Removals team.


Need storage space? Are you between houses or de-cluttering your home? Or perhaps your business is growing? Whatever the reason, Britannia can offer a secure, and purpose-built storage solution, and with over 45 warehouses in the UK, and international partners, we provide both domestic and international storage services. A Wide Range Of Storage Services Do you have just a few boxes to store? Or you have what seems like an endless pile of boxes? Britannia will happily store as little as a box. And we've never been asked to store an amount bigger than we could cope with. Depending on your needs, we have a range of storage options available. If you will not need your items very frequently during storage and if you want a secure and cost-effective solution, container storage would be a perfect choice. If you would prefer to load the storage containers yourself, saving time and money, mobile self storage would be ideal. Self storage is a convenient way to store your items to which you need regular access. And if you are a student, read more about our student storage services. We also have a range of packing materials, and storage boxes available at all our storage depots. Secure Storage All of our storage depots are high-security warehouses, with CCTV, smoke and fire detection systems. You can thus rest assured that your goods are safe at all times, no matter which storage option you choose.

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